Mad Doc’s 2475!

2475 COVER


Another track from Mad Doc’s upcoming album Steppin’ Into The Light was released today, Feb, 21th. 2475 was the fourth release from the new retrowave album. A little bit more experimental, the track drives us to an atmosphere of some kind of weird trip on time – or space. Big ambience is one of Mad Doc’s signatures, and this track could not be different.

The new album Steppin’ Into The Light will be relased at Feb, 28th.

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New release from Mad Doc’s Steppin’ Into The Light!

Radio Signal


Radio Signal is the newest release by Mad Doc’s debut album Steppin’ Into The Light, to be released at Feb, 28.

This songs got a real attitude and movement, with screaming synths who seems to talk to us. Club ambience and some piano jive adds some swing on that, bringing something from the dance scene from early 80’s.

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